August 24th, 2018


SOA rough theory [JP]


In the April fools event the whole school event if you looked at everyone BIOS they was changed to hinted what was going on.

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Now if you play on auto-battle you will see that fayt is very picky about what type of guys who you have in party...and I know for a fact that fayt do not like rena for some reason that's all thanks to auto-battle seeing who like and dislike one another.

Win this come to GL I don't know if they are going to change all of this or leave it this is off my theories and events I saw but enough with the romance this is not a romance game I know they are doing this because they think of...Otome games to attract girl this is not working.

people on reddit was saying the reason they was doing this was popularity they was trying to aim at the latest popularity among people I don't know if that true or not but them making sexy girls and doing romance story is 'meh' to me maybe some people might like it.

they are making sexy girls to keep the guys playing this game and making romance stories for the girls they are trying to attract I'm a girl and I don't like romance stories that much.

thinking about what happen and looking at the swimsuit events got me thinking about all of this is is based off my theories and my thoughts people can think differently win they see this events that are going on and what hints they are doing.

you can say this random talk don't take this seriously it just based off what I saw and the random hints they was giving off.

maybe that's why they taken swimsuit maria event off so fast it backfired we don't know.