September 13th, 2018


SOA what I got [JP}


Alright time to show off what I got

Alt Zero

now win the update finished I did my free draw and got

I was like O_O

Okay can do this

So yes it's him

Main account Luna

O_O one ticket used

I was surprised my free draw was Sarah but Sarah 'meh' to me since I have Rena on my main account.

My boss setup with renting a healer this is showing off my main account :P

So overall no gems was used all was RNG luck and one ticket used I have not used any gems on my main account since groom fayt so I'm saving for something.

now playing with Yrian he's alright Yrian reminds me a lot of someone mix of snow eve and cherry maria but on a defender level putting him with defender fayt they work good.

for personality wise Yrian is alright however using him on my main account playing on auto-battle I see...fayt don't like him that was expected on my alt account no one has any problem with Yrian, And yes I play on auto-battle to see who like and dislikes one another.

for normal battles I'm using price Claude so my party would be fayt, groom fayt and prince claude, for boss fights I'm using fayt, groom fayt, dias/yrian/A2/rena switch out.

now this is done I got yrian now to start saving gems again so looking forward to Halloween now and to see who is coming and yes I might of used my RNG luck for this.

no I did not get Opera so that a loss for me I got Yrian so that enough for now.

If you're going to draw for them good luck with the RNG if not save for Halloween.