September 14th, 2018


A new Star Ocean?



tri-Ace New Title News!

Broadcast Time: September 20 at 20:00 JST
Developer: tri-Ace
Featuring: Shingo Mukaitouge (tri-Ace), Takayuki Suguro (GRDrive), Oshou (Dengeki PlayStation), and Tadatsugu (writer).

Information on tri-Ace’s new including live gameplay with guest creators.

Tokyo Game Show 2018 runs from September 20 to 23

Was the time perfect right win they announced
Tales of Crestoria for the phone

Keep in mind Star ocean and Tales do have a history so it not surprised.

But mark the date September 20 at 20:00 JST we might get Star Ocean 6 or maybe a Star ocean remake?? I still want them to remake Star Ocean 3 but that just me and I also want a Star Ocean 2 remake but that's just me.

So what do you think? Maybe Star ocean anamnesis in Japan did enough?? If you want to support Star ocean try Star ocean anamnesis if you can't use

But I'm very excited about this.