September 24th, 2018

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Star ocean...that talk [JP]


So you might of heard that this

Arn't these the guys that SOA was favoring at one point?? they even made characters for them inside the game.

How are they going to explain this on the GL side is beyond me.
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Ugh...this is madness don't take this seriously this only my point of view people can and will think differently so this is not a serious post I just had to get this out win I was thinking about
Catherine Full Body by Atlus 'hey don't those guys look?...yeah it's them' and getting hyped over PQ 2 Opening I had to get this post out and more KH3 hype.

So are we looking forward to Halloween? I'm expecting 2 girls and 1 guy that how they usually work a very sexy girl to draw in the guys and a random guy character to draw in the female players who do play this game.

I will still supporting this game no matter how I feel about might be salty might be upset emotions people might think I'm trying to dislike this but star ocean anamnesis is a fun game and I wish they would just lay off the romance and stop listing to twitter feedback on random lack of romance it almost feels like all there ideas are coming from youtube and twitter feedback if possible and how big the person on twitter is they listen to like the faytXsophia fan base who complain.

And yes I'll be watching for the Halloween event hopefully another Celine? For the guy maybe another Fidel we need another Fidel to compare ageist Fayt :P Or maybe even Albel or Dias or even Claude I don't know why but I do want puppy dog Claude for no reason at all if Rena is a cat for Valentines Claude needs to be a puppy for Halloween.

But I'll say this the lack of Arumat and Bacchus and Ernest and Noel and Roger and Peppita maybe Erys maybe Ioshua I think we need more star ocean characters.

I know people want Arumat bad they talk about him as much as they talk about Ioshua and Erys I do want Arumat once they add the scythe weapon it will open all possibilities and open for more characters to use the scythe weapon forget orbs it all about the scythe now.

with all the orbs users I think it's enough and time for them to move on the scythe and them adding Arumat to the game with boss fight Indalecio that will never happen.
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With all the hype that is PQ 2 this is the OP for the game

Must have music as for Kamoshida do we want to know "....."

And I do have my 3DS getting ready for this game

And get ready for all the crazy shipping that will come from this game and all the fandom hype.

I'm all ready for PQ2 even if I did not play P5 but I did see videos of someone else playing the game so I know what is going on and people did want PQ2 on the nintendo switch if they did port it to the switch I'll buy it but otherwise 3DS for the game.

So who ready for PQ2?

「PQ2でパーティに入れたい!ペルソナ3・4・5キャラクター人気投票!」結果発表!みんな、たくさんの投票ありがとう! #PQ2
popularity vote are in
P3 Hero
P4 Hero
P3 Female hero

P5 MC uh...not so much liked people love P3 hero alright and people like P4 hero surprisingly.

I think it was also translated from the trailer that the P3 hero and the P4 hero remember one another but I want to see there reaction to the Female P3 hero and people want to know win Goro Akechi will turn on them.