October 8th, 2018


SOA GL Nier automata EN pushed back?



nier automata that soon another chance to get 9S on GL but that means no Albel.

9S is good his rush heals so that means you don't need a healer and 9S is a good chance to train your party with no heals.

2B has that Imbue attacks with Light・Dark Element (Self) that means she is going to be a elemental user that is someone you want to get 2B has light/dark elements that is good.

Fayt has fire/light elements and groom fayt has thunder/light elements getting someone has that elements like fayt, groom fayt and 2B and Sigmund who has Imbues Fire and Dark Element to attacks (Self) is characters to get.

A2 I do have she alright she a GS user and the 'tank' she falls behind groom fayt just a bit but with the defenders we have in GL A2 is going to be very useful.

I was not expecting Nier that soon we don't even have Albel yet >_> and after this we might be getting Halloween that means more limited characters that's a lot...

that means they are short on money? I heard people on reddit saying they don't need to spend money in this game I don't know if that true or not.

but for the Nier characters they will be nerf I think or else they will be very OP and this is GL

On my GL side I did re-roll for Rena and got her but no Dias T_T oh the lovely RNG but I did get Reimi I'm slowly working on her but no swim suit girls for me.

So are you excited for Nier? I think a lot of people said they was waiting for this banner alone so after this banner do you think the game will have lot of people or not?

I'm somewhat excited another chance to get 9S and A2 hopefully.

And get ready for Nier automata wait...how are they going to do the Nier event with...no fayt?
O_O Spoilers Fayt flip out in the Nier event and Emmerson saves the day by knocking fayt out that is the first sign of fayt anger issues.

not unless they change the Nier event with no fayt...hmm...

That's also the first many hints of Faize and Fayt...:P

*cough* moving on I'm so ready for this event.

"The STAR OCEAN 3 event is here! New boss event mission “The Executioner Attacks,” “Temple of Elements: Vulnerable to Light,” new characters Albel and Ilia, Double Premium Login Bonus Campaign, and more! #STAROCEANANAMNESIS"

Albel and Ilia wait did the people who protested on facebook do it?? Some people did want Albel no pun there.

It's nice that we are now taking a break on limited characters and I think Nier is way too soon and they would be so OP it won't be funny.

But that hint about Nier keep that in mind we might see them after we get more non limited characters hopefully after we get fayt so the story can actually fit it just feels odd a story with fayt and he's not here.

They could of done FFBE that would work it straight forward story and no FFBE story don't have fayt in it so that might of worked.

With the power of social media *cough* Facebook the power of Albel and Ilia will be in GL soon
Got to love Facebook it has people who post about who they want

And yes I might try and roll for Albel good luck on getting one of them.

So it might be like this

I think that what people are thinking about it will go like that.
Anime girl white

SOA Twin Eclipse 03 JP


【Twin Eclipse CHAPTER:03解放!】 10/9(火)0:00より「Episode2 -Twin Eclipse-」の新ミッション「CHAPTER:03」解放! シナリオミッションでしか手に入らない新アクセや、EP2キャラ「ティカ」を限界突破できる専用リミブレが手に入りますよ!今すぐチャレンジ! #アナムネシス #ツインエクリプス

Twin Eclipse Chapter 03 is out


So far people want that Welch

old news

That newly upgraded Wind sword is very useful I did roll for that sword on both accounts
if you have a one hand sword user this sword is something to get and it has that has (LB5) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds keep in mind that can stack with other HP recovers if you have them and adding Rena that will stack.

---From facebook---
※ Note that these Weapons will only be added to the Perma & Ticket Banners on 10/11 (After MT)

[Blade of Suit: One-Hand Sword]
- Adds Wind Element to Attacks & Wind Elemental Damage +20%
- Stun Rate +20%
- (LB5) Recovers 10% HP every 3 seconds

[Bunny Ravi: Bow]
- Adds Wind Element to Attacks & Wind Elemental Damage +20%
- While HP is above 20%, 70% chance to survive a fatal blow
- (LB5) ATK Damage Taken -15%

[Insect Break: Rod]
- Damage to Insec Race +40%
- Aggro Rate Reduction +1
- (LB3) INT +5%

---End of facebook---

So getting that Wind sword was top for me and that stun is good on it also but chapter 03 is out and I have not played it yet so no spoilers yet.

That bow omg I see enough bows for a bit >_> so yes Twin Eclipse Chapter 03 more story.

I'll post pics of my RNG with weapons later/soon.