October 14th, 2018

Anime girl white

SOA our character GL and JP.


So today we are going to talk about our character we have no profile of them but we can see the hints in the game.

The very start of the story we can clearly see the very start win the ship is destroyed that the character we see is a male much taller guy very manly I might add.

in the hints of romance and events from GL and JP with hints of girls our character is story to be male with all the hints with girls especially eve for a bit in JP ver with the hints of eve she did have romantic feelings for our character hint to bridal eve but ever since the new story come out they mellow out eve feelings for our character a lot it has little hints but it that overpower as before.

like the swimsuit event with Myuria GL that was a hint that our character is male or story to be a guy with a hot girl.

all we know is our character is male and has black hair might be first main character to have black hair and in the first part of SO3 event GL side they call us a 'cool stranger' I think they wanted to say 'a cool guy' but that would of said that our character was a guy and they didn't want to say that since people name there characters with girls name also.

the first part of bridal event on JP side like with bridal Maria it was all light romance hints they changed that really fast win groom fayt was out that was sad and a bit annoying moving on.

as for twitter some people posted the main character like this

this is off one of the doujinshi I've found but most of twitter can have the main character with black hair looking more different this is another version I've found.

but people are doing artwork of the main character that we play with black hair and being a male.

Here is another version of our character from another doujinshi you get the idea.

guy with black hair and how our character looks can depend and how you think they look like.

no matter if we call our character a girly name or a girl name they are still going to be male how the story is and all the hints are especially with eve having feelings for our character.

however I myself my main account is Luna and she is a girl my alt is Zero that is my guy
both Luna and Zero are my characters and my GL account...I'm still working on it yet and what name to use.

I do see both in GL and JP people do name the main character our character a guy name or a girls name.

I never did explain the meaning behind Luna and Zero did I? *ahem* they are my characters I've made in the past I also did remake them in Tales of the world radiant mythology games, I have a third name I use and that is Xion that is a special name for me so far none of the JP or GL has the name Xion yet so not yet.

alright enough of my past names so there a lot of names out there on GL side and JP side on GL side I think I did see the name 'L' it made me want to make the change the name on GL side to 'Light' just for the heck of it lol.

And they given our character some personality a little no longer the silent hero but for me it will always be '.......'

I think there was some anime none anime names out there so do you think our main character is male or female? With all the hints romance hints with girls the story says male but I think our character can be whoever they want to be with black hair.

come to think of it that guy that looked evil looking in twin eclipse has long black hair? That's nothing...right?...hmm.