November 9th, 2018




【公式生放送のお知らせ】 次回、公式生放送『STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #32』は、11/12(月)20:00から配信予定です!MCウェルチに加え、小林、たかあきと共にゲームの最新情報をお送りいたします!お楽しみに!(`◎∀◎´) ゞ 視聴はこちら⇒ #アナムネシス
[Official live broadcast announcement] next time, the official live broadcast "STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #32" is scheduled to be delivered from 20:00 on Monday, 11/12! In addition to MC Welch, we will send you the latest information about the game with Kobayashi and ethics! Please look forward to! ('◎∀◎´) Isuzu Watch here ⇒ #アナムネシス

Live broadcast is alive O_O

if you have youtube time to show your support people *ahem* JP is still upset at them.

Quotes from this-
"I would also like to ask for information about the disposition of Okayama, who made a fool of the us and tri-Ace."

"Please respond properly to the matter of Mr. Okayama."

"It is fork to be able to respond to the kitchen here. There are people who say or depressing in flames, but there are many people who like Tri-Ace, if you make a fool of that tri-Ace is usually angry. I want to enjoy it in the future if the content that can be convinced"

JP is still out for Blood the whole dark plot with the Memorial Gacha and that PR who people on twitter are talking about are still in JP mind right now.
Link- for more info.

time for another live broadcast no hint at who we are getting.