November 12th, 2018

Black hair girl

Who is coming [JP]


【STAR OCEAN PROGRAM速報】 おまたせしました!SO4から『エイルマット』が、新武器「鎌」装備のアタッカーで、11/15(木)メンテナンス後より登場! イラストは、オリジナルデザインの「エナミカツミ」さんに、お願いしました!(`◎∀◎´) ゞ #アナムネシス #エナミカツミ
He's here

#アナムネシス #あきまん
This was unexpected but she's here

New weapon the scythe will be added to the game I might draw this time maybe I'll think about it.

since the scythe is going to be added I do want...フェイト 大鎌 yes Fayt with a scythe please and a dark element maybe we can get Dimension Door? *cough*

I am a bit happy they are going to add the scythe more game play and weapon skills now think of all the characters who might be able to use the scythe and maybe crossover characters that use it hmm.

Maybe we can see some KH crossover? or another Final Fantasy one?

A lot of people have been waiting for Arumat to come and he's coming so that going to make people happy.

Carlin/Caleen the second one that's coming that was unexpected but at some point a part of me expected it she's cute and people might like her design.

Are you going to roll for any of them? may the RNG be with you if you do.