November 14th, 2018


SOA Changes? [GL]


Win everyone is all hyped over 9S and A2 I was looking over character info.

Looking at Fayt and Sophia info.
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This is for the people on GL who are asking about 'why isn't fayt looking at sophia?' 'why is the info says they are siblings?'

Don't ask that this is the outcome of what JP side tried to do it's not good.

This is all from what I recall on JP side and what went down on twitter.

As for GL side it's going good I might have a GL account to show off I did some rolls the RNG was..RNG but I'm still deciding over the names I think I might have a name but I'm not too sure.

But nier automata is out enjoy nier ocean automata er...A2 ocean....2B ocean.

My the RNG be with you.