November 27th, 2018

Anime guy blue

SOA Distorted Reality [GL]


Well April fools so soon?

Eve and Michael is here however.

the whole edit profile is only done to a few characters not all of them unlike Japan ver had it all.

namely one of them is Fayt profile in JP ver he was labeled as school perfect president and love to fight and was highly popular among girls.

one of those girls who has not a edit profile is Chloe in JP ver her profile said she was trying to get close to Fayt or was around him a lot and that was making Sophia extra salty.

Why I recall Chloe profile because it was all over twitter Sophia fans was pissed about her and how close Chloe was to Fayt and Fayt fans was all 'www' about it they even joked about Chloe making Sophia salty.

Sophia profile in JP ver is she was extra salty about Fayt being around all the girls and not paying attention to her at all.

even Albel had a edit profile his spark attention on twitter that Albel was the 'bully' loner that skip classes and hang around lots of cats and Fayt was trying to fight him thus Albel was hiding from Fayt.
twitter fans loved Albel edit profile they even was making pics of Fayt trying to find Albel in a school setting it was all over twitter that time. (Edit)

I did remember that much thinking about Albel edit profile people did like it and yes it spark pictures of Albel with Anne and cats also since Anne is a cat lover to.

JP version focused more on Fayt trying to fight Albel I don't know if they changed that on GL or not I'll have to see.

on JP side they did all profiles not just the handful all of them it sparked on twitter it made a lot of people talk about it but this ver on GL they got lazy no all edit profiles.

that some changes I recall so get ready for the April fools event so soon.

And yes this event was made for JP side people joked about 'Eve' not being a character to play thus this event was made it supposed to be a April fools event Eve was a joke character that's why she revives with 1 HP with her rush.

However after this event air in JP people taken Eve seriously she not a joke character no more she has other copies that are good.

I'm going to do the story a bit later right now I'm getting ready for

STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #33 for JP side so no updating the story and how I feel compared to the JP ver nor right now.

"Captain! It's a bird... It's a Plane...It's...Coro!? Face Coro Revorse in A Powerful Foe Attacks! Also, Michael Descends Returns, new characters, and more! #STAROCEANANAMNESIS #StarOcean"

Story Feedback-
Alright did the story it was alright part 2 win the next one comes I think that one will have Fayt and Albel and Sophia story with Maria and Cliff (I think) but the story is cheesy and it reminds me of something of a high school drama people disliked this story some people liked it to me it's alright.

Just you wait until we get that background for our home screen picture time.