January 6th, 2019

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SOA...theory? [JP] Theory time.


I was wondering why Sophia character drawn so much spotlight...

Maybe it wasn't sophia character or die hard sophia fans on twitter but maybe...
sophia voice actor herself...Atsuko Enomoto.

I looked at twitter and yes this girl Atsuko Enomoto they do support her a lot

they been supporting her since the whole Swimsuit Maria event.

why would sophia character get so much spotlight?? her voice actor.

If that is going how I'm seeing it why...

Why is Eve cosplay crying?? (break up??) they said it was allergies but I think not (Theory)

why WAS Atsuko Enomoto invited given special treatment win Eve cosplay was not?

Do you see it? I'm starting to think Sophia character is not special at all but...
Atsuko Enomoto is to one of those guys it not the sophia fans it not the male players who love sophia it's...

Now Sophia character has been in the spotlight ever since swimsuit Maria event now you make the timeline and how long sophia was special and you tell me why they keep the spotlight on sophia if it not that obvious.

women don't get that kind of treatment if you not something to someone and I dislike thinking that way.

for now it's a theory but I did noticed that is one of the person they fully 100% support on twitter is sophia VA and the sophia fans.

it so sophia center that maid sophia was her own event and JP male players didn't like the whole fayt and sophia romance now bringing on sophia voice actor Atsuko Enomoto was something else it told 1 they went back to Atsuko Enomoto, 2 they are supporting sophia fans.

it was also slightly said that sophia and fayt voice actor was at some conventions right? is that win he was starting to see Atsuko Enomoto? Sophia voice actor has the spotlight however Fayt voice actor has none.

That guy who loves Nel he also love putting male and female romance in the game and Atsuko Enomoto is girl right? so I think something was going on....? (theory)

if he's a guy who loved Nel character and is fully supporting Atsuko Enomoto he using that to his own desires not the desires of the fan base or the fan boys.

We never see fayt voice actor around Sōichirō Hoshi at all but we are seeing a lot and a lot sophia character and sophia voice actor Atsuko Enomoto.

now you tell me why?

Before you get all angry at me I'm going to say this is all a theory but it just makes me think...

why was Eve cosplay crying? why did Atsuko Enomoto get the spotlight?
why are we getting more sophia characters? why did we see sophia voice actor and not fayt voice actor?

That guy who loves nel and is supporting Atsuko Enomoto he will always pick girls over guys it was hinted way back then win we had nothing but girls and girls and girls it got so bad Myuria voice actor come out and asked 'where the guys at?'

Now I think I know why we are getting sophia characters a lot it not the sophia fans who cried out that fayt was a cold heart, it not the sophia fan boys who loved her character it sophia voice actor and sophia voice actor is a girl and she got spotlight at the last live stream.

I don't know what makes me more annoyed finding out this hints or having romance in our game.

This something I thought of I almost felt bad for the Eve cosplay win the said it was allergies I thought something was up...and win sophia voice actor come out it all come together.

Now I ask...how long has this been going on?...You know what I don't what to know.

I mean no harm to the voice actors they did a good job, however if you're going to support and spend time with that person do it off camera and out of the game.

So this my theory and I do look forward to the leaked SRF Fayt.
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Twitter rumor is saying SRF Fayt is a defender with one hand sword...

We don't know yet nothing new yet.

But if they keep SRF fayt with swords isn't that kind of...disappointing? if they do have SRF fayt with swords again he has to be a dark element with Dimension Door.


Fayt with scythe was too good I still want fayt with a scythe weapon.

Now twitter saying it was a 'leak'


looks like SOA has a leakier on the inside this is not the first time SOA had a leak.

Twitter is talking about this looks like people are taking SRF fayt very good no hype for the SRF sophia however they are talking about SRF fayt.

This leak so far we know from the info they are talking about

SRF fayt defender with one hand sword that's what people are saying from what I can tell we don't know if this is true or not. (Rumor) I'm going say a rumor but the pic we are seeing look way too real...

If it true by the looks of SRF fayt pic he will have light elemental powers again like original fayt and groom fayt and some other element.

Let's see original fayt has light/fire and groom fayt has light/thunder so SRF fayt might have either light/ice or light/wind I'm thinking more ice maybe since fayt did have ice powers in SO3 so maybe Ice?....but we need Dimension Door.

if that is true they can't keep fayt away from being a light elemental user and one hand swords about the OHS I'm still disappointed about that.

a little more info but not anymore then this we don't know if all of this is true or not this the info we have right now we have to wait and see.