January 10th, 2019

Bridal and Groom



It's time to show you what I got and how much I spent.

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SRF fayt he is something to get used to and I'm seeing good feedback on SRF fayt on twitter from the fayt fans however there are some fans who don't like it.

good luck on your RNG pulls my the RNG be with you win the gacha comes back.

I did this draw win it come in I was about 28 min after win it drop but what I do noticed after so many RNG pulls from my past is that you want to be there as soon as the gacha is out to increase your odds from my experience if your like 1-2 days after the gacha is out you might have lower odds either that or I have really really bad RNG luck.

and have fun with them I'm seeing good feedback that srf fayt is fun from the fayt fans from twitter.