January 21st, 2019

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1/24(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ SOA [JP]


【1/24(木)メンテナンスのお知らせ】 明後日14:00~16:00頃まで、新イベント追加などに伴うメンテナンス作業を実施いたします。メンテ開始をもって「ピックアップキャラガチャ(SRFフェイト/SRFソフィア)」などが終了となります。ご了承ください。 #アナムネシス

【 1/24 (Thu) Maintenance 】 the day after tomorrow 14:00 to 16:00, we will perform maintenance work accompanying the addition of new events. With the start of maintenance, such as [pickup character gacha (SRF Fate/SRF Sofia)] will be finished. Please understand. #アナムネシス


The removal of SRF Fayt and SRF Sophia those who did not pull them and want them pull now if not wait for the new characters to come out.

Oddly enough SRF Fayt and SRF Sophia had no story or event what's up with that??

it was them to push out another sophia copy but not alone this time with srf fayt I think this was for the sophia fans I don't think it worked.

since right after that they pushed for Sakura wars collaboration and oddly enough they did not promote srf fayt and srf sophia at all unlike the Sakura wars collaboration maybe they didn't care at all for the srf characters?

*cough* it was a quick money push before they pushed out Sakura wars collaboration they didn't even care enough to give srf fayt or srf sophia a story at all.

they loved to promote sophia character and voice actor a lot I think the srf sophia was a test to see if the fans loved her yet and what better way to push out another another sophia copy with srf fayt? People loved fayt character but not liking the idea that fayt was shipped with edge.

me I'm not liking the idea that fayt is acting like edge at all it just another reskin edge and I don't care at all for sophia or her voice actor who they 100% fully support.

that's why I said it taken me a bit to get use to srf fayt his lines make me think that fayt is edge...no fayt was with edge.

the edgeXfaize fans was not happy and the croweXedge fans felt the same way.

it was all on twitter if you want to see.

the ending of pulling for SRF Fayt is near if you want him good luck on pulling him.

between him and Groom fayt who is better?

For me it's Groom Fayt he wins over SRF Fayt.

Did you like this none existing SRF event? We did get the characters but no story no event.