February 1st, 2019


SOA Valentine's Day [JP]


So Valentine's Day event is out in JP.

Hopefully you got the character you wanted.

I'm not going to pull for them but may the RNG be with you if you pull for them.

Did the story...what a surprised more Sophia fans was asking on twitter.
'why isn't sophia with fayt?' here we go again.

Sophia voice actor just posted 'Sophia-chan implemented!!'

and looks like SOA is fully 100% backing her up with that.

look for sophia va that just posted to see her post if you want.

no new Sophia character for Valentine's Day but Sophia IS in the story they love love love shining the spotlight on Sophia and her actor more then they do with Eve now.

I'm sure it's nothing...right?...


So I did Valentine's Day story on my alt and not on my main because it was mostly about Sophia and Lymle telling Pericci about this gem and they ended up seeing a monster her and Caleen end up fighting it thanks Sophia who got the idea first and told Lymle about it.

that was my take on it.

And no our character is not in this story not the main part.

Ah they put Sophia and Lymle together they know about fayt and faize...wait fayt and edge.

this Valentine's Day story it was almost bad.

this gives me a reason to skip the story events now that was bad.

last Sakura wars event I skip that also the same as the new year one I thought maybe there will be a good story for Valentine's Day I was wrong it was about Sophia telling them about a gem that lead them to a monster not fun.

so more skipping events this Valentine's Day story was bad.