February 13th, 2019

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SOA playable character [JP]


【新キャラクター情報】 2/14(木)メンテナンス後より、新キャラクター「アンリ」「バッカス」「ヴァルカ」が登場!「バッカス」「ヴァルカ」は新武器種「ランチャー」で登場です! #アナムネシス

[New character Information] 2/14 (Thu) After maintenance, new character [Henri] [Bacchus] [Valka] appeared! [Bacchus] [Valka] is appeared in the new weapon species [launcher]! #アナムネシス


---From facebook---

[2019/13 Radio Information — 2/14 Update etc.]


New Event -「孤独の闇とモーフィスの輝き」The Darkness of Solitude & Radiance of Morphius

—— New Playable Character: Vulcan ——

Role: Shooter (Ace)
Weapon Type: Launcher (New)

- Damage Dealt Up (All Allies)
- Recovers All Allies AP when using [Skill]
- While at x Hit Count, Stats Up (Self)

—— New Playable Character: Anri ——

Role: Attacker (Ace)
Weapon Type: Rifle

- While at Close Distance, Stats Up & Increases potency of Specific Skill
- While at Long Distance, AP Recovery Speed Up

—— New Playable Character: Bacchus ——

Role: Defender (Ace)
Weapon Type: Launcher (New)

- While Hit Count is at x, All Allies ATK and INT Damage Dealt Up
- After a Rush Combo, resumes battle with a fixed Hit Count (All Allies)


- Character Pickup Gacha for the 3 New Characters above.
∟ 10-Pull Bonus will grant Limited Currency, which can be used to exchange for the Pickup Targets once enough has been gathered


- Clair Awakening

---End of facebook---

that was fast O_O so are the girls not selling?...

3 new characters to be added and the long awaited Bacchus who is late.

this the first time in a long time for a 3 character gacha.

I guess the all girls didn't work this time huh?...I'm not too sure the girls made it nothing big about them on twitter at all from what I saw.

I almost tempted to pull for them on my alt almost and people did want bacchus who is very late.

may the RNG be with you if you do pull for them.

new weapon Launcher...opera with healing star??

but for Whips Ernest so they need to add whips weapons so Ernest can be added next.

we need more scythe users I still want fayt with scythe.

launcher will be added so more weapons and more characters that can use launcher.