February 19th, 2019

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SOA Prince Claude [GL]


Captain! We must obtain Uniform Claude by completing this mission! Beyond Cause and Effect, Temple Of Elements (Vulnerable To Wind): Upper Tiers Unlocked and more! #STAROCEANANAMNESIS #StarOcean

Captain! I can’t believe it’s already been 10 years! Let’s celebrate SO4 10th Anniversary by conducting a variety of special campaigns! Quark Seeks Justice: M2 & M3 and more! #STAROCEANANAMNESIS #StarOcean
Normal rates up.

So no fed edge or fed reimi event it is prince claude...*cough* uniform claude.

He isn't that bad he is a upgrade from Ronyx if you are a Ronyx user try Prince Claude out until Ronyx get his awakening.

Prince claude story is one to boot if I recall he doing it for his...
Rena "me?"
Claude "no for my mom"
Rena T_T

Prince Claude story did rise questions on twitter if I recall that if they did not change it.

but Prince Claude is alright so get him win you can I might use him until we get Groom fayt and SRF fayt to complete the fayt collection.

Prince Claude skills are fire and ice just think Prince Claude game style is like Ronyx so if you was using Ronyx go to Prince Claude.

so no fed edge or fed reimi it is prince claude.

you can get prince claude and wait for bridal rena and stick them together if you want to.