February 23rd, 2019


Nothing yet [JP]


Nothing yet since all that drama that went down with.

Link- https://twitter.com/yuusu_jp/status/1098202706479443968

JP SOA is silent very silent so is twitter about that drama.

I was looking around twitter and I found...AlbelXSophia fans! O_O

they are really pushing them on twitter now.

One person found or making a doujinshi about them and is about to distribute it.

twitter アルソフィ?

looks like sophia fans might be looking at albel now? or albelXsophia fans are now starting to rise up.

for my personal feelings about this albel can have sophia they can be shipped.

so I ended up finding albelXsophia fans nothing on JP side about what is going on and how SOA is going to respond to that.

nothing but silence for now.