March 24th, 2019

Bridal and Groom

SOA Special [JP]


【アナムネシス特番公開】 艦長~!アナムネシス新情報をお伝えする動画が公開されますよ!し・か・も!ボクの冠番組なんですっ!これは絶対に見逃せませんね~! 公開は本日20:00 予定!皆さんぜひ見てくださいね! #アナムネシス

Captain ~! It will be released a video to tell you about the new anamuensis! and then! It's my crown show! This is definitely not to be missed! The public is scheduled today 20:00! Please take a look! #アナムネシス


Crown show here we go hopefully you got the votes in.

フェイト 3rd 9:14 that teaser at 10:18...9:26 フェイト on top?...

hints hmm...or it might be nothing.

2019/5/25 SOA FES.