April 4th, 2019


SOA Cherry Blossoms [JP]


【復刻ピックアップガチャ開催!】 4/4(木)メンテ後よりキャラ性能が上方修正された「桜花のマリア」「桜雲のディアス」の出現率がアップしたピックアップガチャを実施いたします。 10連のおまけ「桜花桜雲のコイン」は、集めるとおススメ武器やアイテムと交換可能! #アナムネシス

[Reprint Pickup Gacha held!] 4/4 (Thu) After maintenance, the character performance is revised upward, "Maria of Cherry Blossoms" and "Dias of Sakura Cloud" will carry out pick-up gacha that the advent rate has been up. 10 consecutive bonus [cherry blossoms cloud of coins] can be exchanged with recommended weapons and items to collect! #アナムネシス

the return of cherry blossoms characters with buffs.

wait did Idol sophia not sell?? 🤔

win sophia do not sell or is not big on twitter they always run to maria somehow...

I'm guessing they was trying to appeal to sophia fans who did not positively respond to idol sophia at all on twitter so they now returning to buff cherry maria.

I did noticed idol sophia was not talked about on twitter the sophia fans so far are...
mum...maybe they given up on being fussy about sophia not being with fate.

good god the sophia fans was the loudest fans on twitter I'm shocked that SOA was listing to them that why we got so many sophia copies and maid sophia who ended up with groom fate in the maid sophia event.

but that also made backlash from the guys who loved sophia character who spend lot money
on females they like they was upset that they pushed maid sophia and groom fate together
that is win the backlash comes.

maybe idol sophia did not sell good maybe that's why they quickly turn to cherry maria?

win something is wrong and sophia don't sell they run to maria they know sophia fans
are not happy with them.

there are other fans on twitter why pay attention to sophia fans or is not sophia fans but sophia voice Atsuko Enomoto who they promote on twitter a lot?

For the longest time people have been asking for other characters.
however they have been focused on SO3 a lot especially the girls.

I think they was only listing to the fan base the liked or agreed with them.

the sophia fans was the loudest fans they was upset about the whole swimsuit maria that's why
they pulled it fast, they was upset that fate was more into faize in SOAXSOA Fes they start calling fate all kind of names...'asshole' 'cold'.

the harsh names they was calling fate on twitter I wished I saved them it was bad.

the strange thing is win they pushed out fateXsophia for the people who was upset no
one wanted to talk about it on twitter it failed.

SOA quickly made maid sophia and that got backlash and now Idol sophia is not doing good so they quickly buff cherry maria 🤔 hmmm...