April 23rd, 2019

Bridal and Groom

SOA voting is in! [JP]


「第2回オリジナル衣装コンテスト」へのご応募、並びにユーザー投票へのご参加ありがとうございました。投票集計が完了しましたため公式サイトで結果を発表いたしました。併せて審査員賞とユーザー大賞候補作品を発表しております。 どうぞご覧ください⇒https://sqex.to/OpV9c #アナムネシス


Myuria and Celine are the top 2.

more girls not surprised.

looks sophia fans was pushing sophia up that's for sure I told you guys love sophia character they
just don't like her being put with fate on JP side.

that's why they fussed with the whole maid sophia thing.

Celine alt incoming.

fate is in 9 place that's is good him and shimada are the only guys that got in the rest are girls
girls and girls.

now we know the voting is done.

win Myuria and Celine drop may the RNG be with you I'm not pull for them I'm not a
Myuria fan thanks to SOAXSOA Fes 1.

But I will say this put Myuria with Edge or Arumat.