April 24th, 2019


SOA guilty gear [JP]



same crossover different games.

guilty gear rush?

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wait we get another crossover that soon?

I know of Epic 7 from twitch oddly enough the people I like to watch talk about it so I know the game.

People say Epic 7 is a fun RPG type of a game never tried it so can't say.

And since I know of the game from twitch people are hyped about Epic 7 and Guilty gear after seeing
the patch notes about it I just got done watching someone go over the patch notes...

as for SOA announcing this crossover I don't think people was expecting it.

I wanted something more...Final Fantasy or KH3.
I feel like this crossover it just the hype that Epic 7 was drawing in for Guilty gear and trying to
draw the attention to SOA...that what it feels like to me.

Why so soon? I mean announce this crossover before Epic 7 has it with Guilty gear...

if you are going to pull on them may the RNG be with you this was a out of surprise crossover.