May 14th, 2019


Fate and Nel awakening [GL]

Fate/フェイト awakening 🌸
Nel awakening

Hmm...oddly enough Fate awakening on JP side never did come until groom fate was shipped with him.

wait are they doing groom fate and bridal reimi that fast?? 🌸

fate awakening new voice you will hear with his new skill/voice from groom fate.
groom fate and fate share that long rang attack.

in personality wise groom fate talks flower language. groom fate is the opposite what
fate is and srf fate is edge.

I hope they do keep that talk from groom fate
"The flower language of this blue rose is 'love in all worlds' that is a good word"

or that says groom fate and bridal reimi data are in the game but not out yet.

if they release groom fate and bridal reimi in june I'll be so happy IF they
do they might not.

now I must push for awakening fate on my GL account good air dodge I was so used to that
on JP side it will make it more easy.

playing fate without air doge that was...something to get use to alright I'll say
it was not fun.

but having awakening fate is good that means we are getting closer to groom fate

awakening fate with his new long rang skill is a step toward groom fate since they share the same new line/voice for that skill on JP side.

I don't know about the GL voice if fate will get a new line for his new skill.

◀◁ Current Known Issues ▷▶ ▼Unable to proceed when Character Voices are set to Japanese in IOS Please see the in-game notice [Current Known Issues (May 14)] for more details. #STAROCEANANAMNESIS #StarOcean
JP voices are broke again T_T

It feels like JP voices are breaking so much now 🤔 on GL side.