May 25th, 2019


SOA Fes [JP]


I was surprised they went that way this event was mainly focused on Maria this time.

not surprised since people praise cherry maria so much you know GL and JP talk about her.
it was her night to shine and she shine brightly ⭐️

JP is aware of the hype around cherry maria and GL who are dying to get there hands on her she is OP, This event Fes 02 was focused on maria unlike last time you don't what to know.

no romance it was lightly talked about maria feelings but it was hinted about fate and sophia and maria but this time they did not push it like last time and swimsuit maria event >_>

but this time fate/フェイト actually ask the girls (main Waifu) to dress up for maria 😳 I was not
expecting that it surprised me this writing felt a bit different.

to my point of view fate was gathering all the girls for maria to make her happy somehow.
and that last pic of maid sophia holding cherry maria hand I want to ship them so bad now.

the last part of cliff talking to myuria about fate and what look like a expensive wine bottle that all fit somehow.

スターオーシャンフェス 2019 ~星海祭~

I say watch it before it get taken down it felt like it was mainly focused on friendship and
maria emotions and her past.

in my mind it went like this fate/フェイト gather all top waifu and made maria happy ship maria with sophia made a expensive wine and ship cliff with myuria and comes back all relaxed.

the fact that cyril and decus are acting friendly toward us I like that it almost makes me wish for a SO2 remake.

now looking at twitter I did noticed this rumors
possible tales crossover...people think it might be Tales of rays
I don't know if it true or not...but if you know star ocean and tales history...oh boy.

so people in tales of rays are saying "Rays didn't announce the late May event" 🤔
more fans on twitter rays side saying they don't want a collaboration
with Star ocean Anamnesis ouch, tales fans know.

oddly enough SE has been kind of promoting tales with tales and VP a lot and whatever SE do don't
SOA do the same thing?...🤔 I thought it was a pattern they did win SE went big on the idol girls I think SOA started making them...? is this pattern?... I hope I'm wrong about this. 😓

I was right about this...'Noooo' so...SE and this works with a pattern? wedding banner because SE was supporting tales I'm going to laugh and cry if this is true...

I say wait until STAR OCEAN PROGRAM #36 to find out if this news is real or not.


if it not tales who do you think SOA will crossover with? I wanted it to be FF7-R but anything
can happen.