August 8th, 2019




#アナムネシス #FFBE

[Reprint pickup charagacha] 8/8( Collaboration character "Rain" "Fina" that has been revised upward from after The Maintenance of Wood will appear [Reprint FFBE Pickup Chara Gacha] to be reprinted 10 consecutive gacha with a bonus of "Mowgli Coin"
The period is up to 8/29
※ The characters you've obtained will also be fixed. #アナムネシス #FFBE

【The 1st Galactic Federal Survey】 From the date of maintenance 8/8( to 13:59 on Thursday, August 22, we conducted a questionnaire to share your valuable opinions on the captain. A small thank you present to the person who answered
Thank you for your cooperation in your response.
For more information, click here. ⇒ #アナムネシス

FFBE has comeback for the people who desired them on JP side and for people who wanted them from GL side now the people who jump to JP you might want to start watching JP twitter and retweeting
them if you can to show you're support.

Most important The 1st Galactic Federal Survey is now in the game now you can tell them who you want. I got FFBE characters I never use them but there ARE people who love them
it was shown in GL side big time beside nier automata fans.