October 7th, 2019

Groom fate

SOA campaign [JP]


#アナムネシス #P5R #残り3

【P5R Collaboration Information】 Captain! It is a [Chara Deco] function that was implemented the other day, but collaboration limited deco item is scheduled to appear Today I will introduce a little how i put on such a deco item! And today I'm going to have another one more notice!
I'll post this shortly!
Special Site ⇒ https://sqex.to/JfN0L  #アナムネシス #P5R #残り3



in other news
【P5R Collaboration Information】 Captain!
The decision to hold the second round of the campaign is held in a well-received way.
Follow this account & rt of this tweet! ※ The target present is added according to the RT number. The character will be presented on the day of implementation.
The deadline is until 11:59 tomorrow!
※ The winner will be drawn from rt! #アナムネシス #P5R

フェイト omg it almsot made me think they was going to add another alt フェイト

campaign is up and going if you have twitter help them out by doing the campaign.