November 3rd, 2019

Anime guy black

Did you say goodbye yet? SOA [GL]


GL is coming to the it's end soon did you say goodbye yet?

I will never hear Groom fate GL voice....😭

I'll miss my GL team a world that fate will never know about srf fate or groom fate and alt world...

a world that fallen into the abyss thanks to several reasons the captain of that world is asleep forever
a world where they given up hope and fallen into the void.

omg sounds like a fanfiction...💭 maybe...I can...📜

I'll think about it I'm sad about GL yet I'm relaxed knowing that fate is on JP side I'm ready for GL to shut down.
now my main focus is to be JP side and support them.
I played GL today it was bittersweet I'm not used to fate GL voice they changed I'll never be used to it. But I think I got used to
fate JP voice so much I love it  💖

GL will forever be in my heart.

into the sea of twilight another dream lost.
one thousand dreams we will remember one thousand tears we cry
but we will remember the happy the joy the love
you will be in my heart my joy I will see you in my dreams
until we find one another again may you rest in peace in the endless twilight.

Goodbye GL you will be in my heart in memory of my GL account I have made another account on JP side
on my newly Ipad yes I have now 3 accounts to this game on JP side with my GL acocunt closing it takes a memory a memory that is passed onto my newly account on JP side I might show off my newly JP account maybe...

Luna is my main Zero is my alt and...dun dun dun is my 3rd account it's name "3897" error in decoding the name.

I'm going to stay with GL account until it done for good in a few more days GL can RIP ⚰️ ⚱️
alright goodbye GL....😿 🥀 💝