November 13th, 2019


SOA Witch Evelysse [JP]


----From facebook---

2019 Halloween Event (50 Sta. & 60 Sta.)
- Event Boss : Nightmare Lord
Fire and Wind Element much more effective, with non-weakness elemental damage being heavily reduced.
—— New Character : Witch Evelysse ——
Role: Healer (Ace)
Weapon Type: Orb

  • Allows for Max HP Heal Overflow (further increased for Long Range Weapon Users)

  • Recovers All Allies’ AP when using specific skill

  • All Allies Rush Combo Damage Up (on specific conditions)

- New Weapon Gacha (for Demonification Precis, Exorcist Faize, Witch Evelysse)

----end of facebook---

Witch Evelysse alone pull you recall what they do with alone Gacha this is a big no from me.

I'm going to wait for winter now.

from what I seen on twitter there was a small fanbase that was crying out for captain and evelysse being a couple I don't know if they listen to them or not...🤷 it was there I tried to ignore it maybe it was nothing?...who knows.
>>looks at twitter the fan base seem to die down the captain and eve fans have...stop posting...🤔
>>looks at twitter sees a joke about that only person that wanted witch evelysse was that black hair guy from season 2...omg 17 retweet and 31 person is upset about this.

Witch Evelysse did make many topics on twitter alright some good some bad.

may the RNG be with you if you are going to pull for Witch Evelysse look out for Eve event incoming.

I'm not going to roll for her I know some guys who love her may the RNG be with you.