November 29th, 2019


SOA twitter RT campaign [JP]


【3周年大還元RTキャンペーン第4弾】 12月8日の3周年当日に向けて緊急開催!RTに応じて3周年記念ギア2種などを全員にプレゼント!さらに最大6,666RT達成で紋章石が抽選で当たる! 〆切は12/8 AM11:59! そのほか大還元の3周年イベントについては特設サイトへ⇒
[3rd anniversary large reduction RT campaign 4th] Emergency held for the 3rd anniversary day of December 8th! Presents to everyone, such as two 3rd anniversary gear in accordance with RT! In addition, the heraldry stone wins by lottery with a maximum of 6,666RT achievement! 12/8 AM11:59! In addition, the third anniversary event of the big return is visited to a special site. ⇒

🎉if you have twitter you might want to do this RT campaign is now going 📣🎉

Bridal and Groom

SOA voting [JP]


【3周年記念『銀河連邦総選挙』】 実装キャラクターをみんなで決める投票イベント開催! 衣装モチーフは… 未実装キャラ:原作衣装 実装済みキャラ:花嫁/花婿衣装 花嫁/花婿実装済みキャラ:花嫁/花婿衣装(お色直し) 詳細はお知らせをチェック!

[3rd Anniversary [Galaxy Federation General Election]] Voting event to decide the implementation character with everyone! Costume motif ... Unimplemented character: original costume Pre-implemented character: Bride / groom costume Bride / Bride groom pre-implemented character: Bride / groom costume (recolor) Check out the announcement for more information!

---from facebook--
—— Character Participation Poll ——
Duration: 28 November, 2019 (Thu) After MT ~ 12 December, 2019 (Thu) After MT
- Out of the characters submitted within the “What is your most favourite character in the Star Ocean series?” question in the previous survey, another survey will be held in which the number one character will be implemented.
※ Tap on the banner on the top left of the home screen to access the survey
— Regarding the Implementation of Character —
The following considerations will be taken when implementing the character in first place:

  • For characters that have not been released as of 2019/11/28 (Thu), they will be implemented just as they were in their original titles.

  • For characters that have already been released as of 2019/11/28 (Thu), they will be implemented as a Bride/Groom variant.

  • For characters that have already been released as a Bride/Groom variant, they will be implemented as a new “alternate” Bride/Groom variant.

— Notes —
※ Each player is only allowed one vote. Attempting to vote a second time will display an error message. Should there be any evidence of unfair voting discovered by the management team, the poll and character implementation may be cancelled.

---end of facebook--

Did you vote? I did 花婿フェイト all the way 💙💙💙 my main my 2 alt voted I want alt 花婿フェイト