April 29th, 2020


FF7 talk


So you might of seen the rumors going around that Tifa will die in the next part that a lot of guys upset they even went as far as saying Aerith needs to die.


Final Fantasy 7 Remake Ultimania.

JP welcome the change to FF7 remake as far as people on amazon JP and JP itself talking about the game.

however the west did not welcome the change they said the game was going to change and now they are saying the game will not change is that due to pressure from the west??

Now they are sayig they are going back to the FF7 story no more changes?...Zack is alive in a alt timeline.
I myself was ready for the changes however big youtubers *cough* outside of JP did not welcome the new FF7 remake changes they started to do.

All the guys who wished for Aerith to die you might now get you're wish and I've seen on youtube and twitter people who was upset saying 'this game is not ff7' 'it not staying true to the story!' 'Aerith needs to die!'
those guys I think they are feeling the pressure from the west JP was welcomng the change but the west did not.

Ah the west fans the more F2P phone games people who hate phone games who don't like spending money on phone games...yes them >_> (Sorry I'm bitter we never got to see SOA in EN)

What do you think about this news? People on youtube was talking about this.

I did want to see a new story for FF7 remake myself but we mgiht get the same story since the west did complain about it.

If Zack is alive they can ship him with Aerith now for Cloud mind who already mixed up I wanted darker Cloud a Cloud who turns evil that I wanted to see that.

And than they can bring Zack into play who can take Cloud place until they try to get Cloud back from Sephiroth.

I want to see no Aerith death and no Tifa death but since the west wanted FF7 story one of them might die.

translate info from the book go and read.

Sephiroth? O_O one who going down the same road the other Sephiroth who has his human emotons that the one who still 'good?' maybe that the one who likes Cloud? *Theory*

the magic of time travel O_O the Sephiroth we know AC Sephiroth and the post-before-I-went-crazy Sephiroth who has his human emotions who might be good.
now we know why that Sephiroth was nice to Cloud it the other Sephiroth.

And you thought KH was confusing lol

we have Zack alive in a alt timeline and a good Sephiroth that might join us if Cloud stop seeing him as the Sephrioth who went insane.

and now we have 2 Clouds one who we play and the other one who with Zack in the alt timeline....what if one of the Clouds turn evil? Who would it be??

This feels so KH right now...we might get Zack and Sephiroth to join us later on maybe.

with this info that will change the story of FF7.