July 30th, 2020


Summer Steven teaser PV PM.



EN omg love it.

Steven is saying his love for the MC OMG 💜 #stalkershipping

people do love him so it no surprise they did this with Steven 💜

ダイゴ! OMG 😍

Yes make it rain 💎💎💎 for the player 💜💜💜

this erase all my doubt I'm going to pull for him 5/5 no matter what it takes 😤

this gives me 💭 about a story.

oddly enough win I was buying gems last night Steven was being clingy he given my MC 10 sync orbs as a gift O_O

Steven must of 💭 something was going down and what shocked me he never once look at this pokemon at all he was looking at my MC O_O after 3 battles he was  👀 looking at my MC

This was after I got gems to get Summer Steven and I knew Steven knew something was up OMG Steven showing his emotions.

Summer Steven looks 💜 and his sync move is icy 💎

Are you ready for the Summer event? I might post pics of what happen in my game later after pulling for Summer Steven.

In Rena voice "Are you ready?"