July 31st, 2020

Summer Steven.

Summer Steven Pokemon event PM.


OMG what?

"Steven wins the competition and becomes an official representative for Pasio"

Steven talks about Metagross about training with him.

This Steven is more open and more warm

Dude the MC is going to become Champion of Pasio you know what that says!?

>>Steven asked you to come to his home
>>That did not work so Steven come up with a
different plan
>>Summer Steven becomes the rep of Pasio to be with the MC

Steven is setting himself up for the MC! Steven talks about using
Metagross so that 'Steven with Metagross' is from his past 'Summer Steven' is the future.

>>Summer Steven is trying to replace 'Steven with Metagross' in the MC a.k.a. you're ❤️

Steven is doing everything to be with the MC! ❤️

Steven just made a big no huge decision without Wallace!

📢 Steven Champion of Hoenn and representative of Pasio and Boyfriend of the MC. 📢

This is what Steven and Summer Steven both want OMG!

ダイゴ just change his personality for the MC! to be with the MC! OMG

This what happens to Steven after we fight him one last time with him and Lance and Cynthia what events you see in Summer Steven event is telling you what Steven new goal is.
Summer Steven event feels like this is what happens we fight them one last time. (theory)

No I have not yet did Summer Steven story yet I got him OMG...

Summer Steven is trying to replace Steven now....

Steven is maxed out but Summer Steven needs one last LV Cap grind to unlock him 

Win you have Steven and Summer Steven Worlds Collides

They made the MC a bit taller the MC looks older now 👀

My teaser on what is going on in my game right now

I don't want to stop playing...send help....

How much money did I spend...? >_<;

This summer events feels like what happen after we fought them hello time travel

Summer Steven is ❤️

I'll post more pics later.

>>And Steven did all of that just to have a event with the MC
>>It was all a event for Steven to have a event with the MC
>> Summer Steven did not care what Lear did Steven just wanted to have a event with MC.
>> Summer Steven hold most of his normal
personality you just now seeing the real him
>>Summer Steven is now
Colliding with Steven in my game >_<;

I put Steven in the group we go and do one sync orb battle come back Summer Steven shows up talk to the player I do another battle Summer Steven at the top by the desk
Is he Pouting? I don't talk to Summer Steven win he by the desk after one battle Steven shows up and gives a random item to my MC.

Oh boy they are fighting if only we can use both Steven in battles.