October 2nd, 2020

Alt Millia

Teyvat Chapter Storyline Preview: Travail|Genshin Impact (Contains spoilers)



!Spoilers! They are showing it all!

I knew it

Diluc AND Lumine are hinted at!

IT can be possible that Diluc knows about Lumine and IS working with her somehow or knows about her.

In this trailer it shows Diluc has emotions for Lumine it might be hinted that he loves her.

Diluc knows what Lumine is doing

Win you are doing Diluc side story this is going to be very awkward now (I have not did it yet but I seen that spoiled)

Aether is main hero Lumine is the girl who is evil and Diluc knows about her and loves her!


Due to Diluc powers he can be the one who turn Lumine that way!

All the people who was calling Diluc husbando he is husbando to Lumine!

Now it sounds like we might FIGHT Diluc later on to SAVE Lumine

All the people who thought Kaeya was going to turn nope it was Diluc his love for Lumine if you picked Aether as MC.

Now I can ship Venti and Aether

This changes a lot if Diluc and Lumine are dating!

Now you see why Diluc is acting that way he is in L-O-V-E with Lumine

And now Aether is going to be burnt the worst way win he HAS to fight Diluc to save Lumine who brainwashed by Diluc

lucky I did pick Aether this love story is going down.

It almost sounds like Diluc has...some kind of Memory thing going on (theory)..but he knows that Lumine loves that flower and the voice win he is talking it sounds like
Lumine is the one giving him life and love.

I feel sorry for the people WHO picked Lumine as MC this is going to be very very awkward this win they are going to put a love story in this game.

Lumine is the evil one

Diluc is talking to Aether

Diluc knows about Lumine

All this time Diluc was helping Aether was for Lumine

Aether has to fight Diluc to get Lumine back who been brainwashed by Diluc

All this time Diluc was helping both sides

Diluc loves giving flowers to Lumine he know what flowers she loved

All this time they was lovers!

All this time Diluc was trying to make Lumine happy

Diluc and Lumine spend many hrs in the flowers

Maybe this is why Lumine is doing what she is doing? For the sake of her love Diluc?

Diluc betrayal is going to burn the most if it happens

Now you know this game will have some kind of love story in it >_>

DilucXLumine 100% confirmed #DilucXLumine,

I don't want Diluc now ugh...if he is IN love with Lumine no way I'm going to roll for him now.

Sorry Lumine is waifu fans she was nab by Diluc

(Maybe that the reason we saw him the first time remember? He was stalking Aether seeing that he look like Lumine the girl he loves)

Diluc can have Lumine. I just want more time with Aether and Venti


Diluc is going to die trying to save Lumine if they ARE lovers it might push her more into the darkness 👀 Diluc die in front of her.

If you see trailers of Lumine and Diluc they are hinting at them being lovers.

Diluc is chasing Lumine around win he finds her he falls in love with her frist sight

Diluc never tells Aether that she is alive

Diluc starts giving Lumine flowers and finding out what flower she loves

Diluc makes up his mind to try and save Lumine

OH the story trailer said Diluc memory was fading right? Maybe THE same evil got Lumine and is now trying to take over Diluc who tries to keep his memories but he keep most powerful memory that Diluc keeps is what flower Lumine loves the moment win Diluc makes Lumine happy and herself.

Lumine is being brainwashed by a great evil that is not Diluc who might fall under the same evil win he tries to save her!

That great evil wanted Diluc he the only one who was making Lumine come around and making her feel emotions win she not supposed to and making her think about what she is doing.

That makes more sense then Diluc being evil from the start

The evil saw Diluc who made Lumine feel so it tries to take over him to keep Lumine by it side.

It might the same evil that the gods know about but are not talking about 'it'.

We might have to fight both Diluc and Lumine to get them both back .

Now people ARE saying the voice that sounds like Diluc is the older Aether?

>>Looks at Aether he don't sound like Diluc at all
>>I don't see it yet

To me it sounds like Diluc not Aether

Is that hinted we might get a older Aether and Lumine in the game?? That we might have to fight?

Hmm I thought it was a older Diluc talking not a older Aether

This game will have
Time travel

Maybe Older Aether is talking to Diluc??

Don't the lights look like Aether and Lumine?
Project 'Ark" read that they are the hope for 'Humanity'
Reads the start of 2nd key...they don't age?...this explains Aether and Lumine not aging.

 >>Reads 2nd key...ugh...
>>looks at the blond with green eyes and blond hair he fits Aether and Lumine better
>>They are willing to do anything for Humanity
>>Aether and Lumine failed to contact them due to them being trap in Genshin Impact world
>>Poor Su and Kevin a love that will never be
>>The ending is what?
>>Rumors that Genshin impact will never have a happy ending might be true
>>Rumors of them always love sad ending might be true

Some point this game might crossover into Honkai impact 3 or the 2nd Key

God I love theorycrafting.

Anime guy blue

Venti: Skyward Sonnet


Venti is how old? it's over a thousand

Diluc?  How old are you?
If the voice is not Diluc who is it?

Barbatos creates its form based on the appearance of this boy.
The red head guy in this story IS Diluc? 💭 OR Diluc family?
Diluc has a history with Jean I would think that they did date long time ago but it never worked out.
Dilcu would look good with Lumine

I knew there WAS something between Diluc and Venti they are old old old old friends?

If we got all the gods of all the elements what is Diluc?

Diluc might be a divine? 💭

We know that Venti do drink and he is way older then the Aether

Maybe that's why Venti responded to the Aether, Venti might be aware of what Lumine is doing but Venti wants the Aether to deal with her.

It can be possible Venti did fight Lumine before Lumine knows about Venti she don't like him.

Why do the gods take noticed in Aether? He won't age like the normal people of that world maybe that's why they give him power?

Maybe that's why Venti showed himself to Aether? And becomes part of the group if you pull him?

The other possibility is Aether and Lumine might become Divine of that world and can't go home.

If you watch that story trailer it almost hints that Aether story IS at it's end that means no going to other worlds and one door remains.

Maybe in order to save Lumine. Aether will become a divine of that world? And Lumine will have to make up what she did and go with Diluc around the world and save people regain her humanity that she lost? (Theory)

There is a reason why Aether is getting all the elements the gods might be preparing Aether to become a divine of that world. (theory)

This gives me more reason to ship Venti with Aether now.

What the twins are the heirs and that hints Lumine being evil?

You remember that island in the sky pic? Maybe that it

Kingdom of the Heavens it was hinted at the twins had light powers.

Now do you see the story?

The gods are helping Aether to become more divine.