April 21st, 2021

Anime guy blue

SOA rumors? [JP]


There is a small rumor going around that something big is coming is it real or just a rumor?  👀

Talks about a new EX coming talk about a new weapon type coming all the rumors talking. 💬

The main story is over with right? What can come next?

what do you hope for this game? I want new フェイト I want him to use magic come on in SO3 he used magic 💙

what do you think of the rumors is it true or not?

what was the https://old.reddit.com/r/soanamnesis/comments/l2uv9j/tri_ace_is_hiring/
what this for?? A new main story? SO6? what was this?? do anyone know?? 👀

Players are still playing this game that says a lot this game is making money so what are they up to??

Or do you think it's nothing? That it's all rumors? We don't know it might be nothing.

And yes I'm am playing this game and all my accounts 💙