April 27th, 2021

Groom fate

PSO2 New Genesis working on my outfit.


I am working on my outfit for new genesis.

Flower of Darkness M (out)
Flower of Darkness M Shadow (Ba)
Human inner M
Parline Gloves
Short cape:White I used
Star Gems to get this.

I also saw a outfit that almsot reminded me of Steven outfit from Pokemon
Neo-Hyuga Replica that can work if you want to make Steven from Pokemon.

Are you getting you're outfits ready for new genesis?

I did find a blue feather thing that I'll update in this post later for my Idol fate outfit.
as for the hair I don't know if using Persona 3 Minato hair would work I'm still thinking about it 💬

I'm sure you can some character out of this outfits maybe ahhh in NGS you can have the males in girl outfits right?? *mumbled* if you pick the right body type.
Let people in NA beta see this but now it gives me a reason to buy girl outfits.

My NGS is going to be force/gunner thanks to some beta 💬 *mumbled* I want to play that mix of classes.
I did get in NA beta I'm so ready for that.