May 25th, 2021

Anime guy blue

⭐️SOA let's talk about Godwing Fate and Luther.⭐️


We can't talk about Godwing Fate and not talk about Luther.

"Become fully aware of the power he has is hidden in his body. his powers which he rejected and his interactions with the heros of the federation history, he began to think about the meaning of power. he may be able to stand side by side with god if he controls his power."

"The owner of a company called 'Sphere'. however there is no such company name in Coro database. unless he tells himself we will not abel to know the details. The only thing Coro can tell from his behavior is that he is a very talented programmer. he seems to have come here for some purpose but that details are unknown."

The one thing that I saw between them is GodWing Fate looks like he 'fushed' with Luther, Godwing Fate has NO story so we can't see how he got to look like that and his battle pose is the same as Luther and both GodWing Fate and Luther have the same moves. 👀

Luther yes SO3 Luther why do you think he come to this time?? 🤔

if you put Godwing Fate pic and Luther pic side by side what do you get? 💬

It might hint to Fate's solo ending who was Fate coupled off in the Urssa Lava Caves? Luther.

Idol Fate had the birds in his artwork that hint to the solo ending and now we got them fighting with the same fighting style.

Guys I think the solo ending is real. 💬 I know it a lot to take in and I was not ready for that.

unless Godwing Fate is from 'Fate solo ending with Luther' and this Luther we see and fights with us is from Fate's solo ending??

Alt timeline?? By the way I saw that Luther PC body from SOA is much bigger 👀 now put his SOA body next to Godwing Fate and that makes Godwing Fate look a bit girly. >_<;;

that might say that Godwing Fate is working with Luther and they are both trying to win the captain (you) heart ❤️

Yes you can romance Luther I never talk to him and only use him in hard fights I have to say my Fate party do not like Luther at all.

Why do you think Godwing fate looks like luther? Why do you think they almost fight the same? Did fate have the solo ending and his body fused with luther??

hmm 🤔

And now both Godwing fate and luther fight over the captain.

next up Groom Fate I did a pull video for him 💙