June 22nd, 2021

Groom fate

🌹 Groom fate pulls let's talk about Groom fate 🌹


My groom fate pulls let's talk about groom fate. 💙

"if he wants to help someone in distress he reaches out to them without regret of his own danger"

Groom fate was voted on he barely won over albel you spent money in this game to vote on wedding characters and groom fate won. 

very sad news that wedding girls got stories and groom fate got nothing. that is until they put him in maid sophia story trying to push them as a couple that did not work the sophia fans who was guys who loved her did not like that idea and the fate fans who loved him hated him with sophia 💬 they forgot a lot of guys love sophia.

2nd time we saw groom fate was in the wedding cliff story without sophia.

how do groom fate act? He acts very girly...unlike fate and idol fate and Godwing fate and SRF fate I have to say that makes fate and the others upset at groom fate a lot he loves to cry out in battle and he has a anger that if you don't pay attention to him he will get upset but he not as bad as fate is himself.

lately I've seen groom fate really wants to love fate yes we can ship them! 👀 and fate is still trying to get noticed by the MC and he keeps doing his long rang attack to try to get groom fate away from him omg they do try to flirt.

groom fate he got more time then SRF fate and Godwing fate but it feels like fate and Idol fate got more time with our captain. 🤔

I have to say Idol fate is really the captain lover win fate is trying to get noticed by the captain and everyone frogot about the others *cough*
>>looks at Godwing fate and SRF fate who are both ignored.
>>they didn't even add Godwing fate or SRF fate to any story or events.

in events and story fate and Idol fate get more love groom fate is acknowledge but they pusehd him away from everyone even sophia in the end and they forgot about Godwing fate and SRF fate this is too sad.

Idol fate got more love than the new idol girls what did that say? Compare his video to the new idol girls and you see why SE pulled this game. the rumores of the new idol girls KO this game might be true or it just a rumor. look at Idol sophia she had higher views on her video then the new idol girls.

I love this game it just...I wanted more events with Fate and all his copies and they favorited the girls over anything else and crossovers that did not make sense. but I love the persona crossover I wish it come back it never did and I never got 9S! 😭

lot of people on twitter on JP wanted to see more Fidel wedding Miki wedding Sophia, more Cliff and Roddick more Faize and Edge and we never saw that all we saw was the same characters that did not sell.

Did SE pull this game because of the new idols did not sell? it was hinted that they add more people to work on this game and it said this game was stable but not making any money win the idol girls come around. their was too much drama going on about Sophia and idol Tika that JP was not happy about.

Sorry for the vent it just I love this game and I wanted it to last another year 😭

I feel sorry for the Maria fans they forgot SO3 had lots of endings.

What did I wish from Groom fate? A event with him that people paid for! Hello they used real money for him! And we got NO event with him! 😭

But in the end a twist of fate we got Idol fate as a close lover to our captain is that a good trade yes I'm taking it.

I paid real money to vote for Groom fate and in the end we get Idol fate as a lover 💙

I will add more to this post later.