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.Hack//Link Kite V.S. Azure Kite Video.

Hello everyone

Sorry for this late update My PC is acting odd so yeah I had to reset it 2 times now I got a lot of free space on this you go

Oh that's right Kite has a small talk with Azure Kite who is "......" as always but it seems no one posted the video of the game play just the movies IF I knew how to make them I would Show you the gameplay Right now I am at this area I don't want to fight Azure Kite yet btw
Time Paradox of Kite really with Azure Kite and NOW Sora/Unknown Kite and Kite and Shugo and Now Sora, Haseo and B-Set Haseo almost a Time Paradox of Haseo we just need AZ Haseo lol
*cough* I'm working on my Fan fiction I finally bought a Flash drive for my PC so I taken my Fics from my old XP and put them on them so I can reboot that PC and make it new again like I had to do to this one >_> I think I might have a Virus in this one everytime I've update it it get slower really slower...So fair Link story line is

"Saika brother turns into a monster and AIKA is really AIDA and Tokio has a Virus inside of him and that makes Aura into a egg and Azure Kite finds out Aura is gone and he some how finds the warp tunnes that Tokio and Saika are using and gose though time from the World R;2 To the World R;X that ware he tries to go after Tokio that win he runs into his past Kite who Helps Tokio defeat him Btw both Saika and AIKA fall in love with Tokio so it seems even if they are the same...person btw Tokio pretty much changes the whole time line from from Everyware and some how everyone has a crush on him or starts to fell something for him since you can tell by if you Max out someone affection like I almost max out Tsukasa and Mimiru affection for him beware of UPC that someone like Subaru win she get hit by a monster her Affection for Tokio gose down so dose her mood and win they get low 'Blue' color that win They WELL stop fighting with Tokio so fair, Tabby, Shino, Atoli, Midori, Subaru, Cello, Sailbus, and that is annoying part btw Flügel, Cello, and Klarinette that DO join you near The end they pawn really it a shame the rest of the Schiksal had to be asses and don't join"

that is my little take on .Hack//Link don't be angry with me this my Japanese game play so it pretty Seriously that you keep you're UPC happy beside you or get stronger so that you can defeat a monster with out there mood dropping too much or else that is a pain really Some of the quest in battle wise like they well ask you to defeat the monster in a matter of time they well give or they well ask you to let a monster go 'Bo' ask me that and I KO that PK and his affection went down to blue...or they well random warp a girl out that happen to be a PK Kuhn did that but if you Agree with them there affections for you well go up and they well Like you more but on the other hand you miss out on EXP and Money and ect so it a long game
Oh yeah if they Die in battle there mood well go to blue not unless there like someone like Pai and Kuhn if there mood get to blue keep attacking the monster until there mood become normal that happens some times for most it don't work like Midori I used her in a boss battle witch I did wish I never brought her to fight ageist the Schiksal her mood was bad and I ended almsot dead that time but she is at a high LV win you get ugh...

I'm getting off topic here enjoy this video alright?.

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