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.Hack//Link Vol.03 pics.


I decided to post some pic from my book witch I had for a wale and was lazy to scan them and post Them here yeah I kind of wish the game was the same as the book now...dame it

.Hack Link book03.
Uh they look cool Slash paring JK

.Hack Link book03 page01.
What happens to Azure Kite After the his fight with Haseo *Cough*

.Hack Link book03 page02.
I don't think Haseo Integration is working well he might have to try a other method.

.Hack Link book03 page03.
Nope it didn't end well at lest that well leave some kind of marking right?.

.Hack Link book03 page04.
Yeah I did skip the whole Haseo and Tokio moment witch in the results of Tokio trying to Hug Haseo again and him stopping him with his weapon Beside Azure Kite and Alkaid are free.

.Hack Link book03 page05.
What happens to poor Tsukasa after his fight with Tokio and Haseo he really a doll! Wait I want AN Tsukasa to doll to!.

.Hack Link book03 page06.
This prove that Azure Kite CAN talk Haseo seems shocked to lol

.Hack Link book03 page07.
Don't ask me what there talking about I have no Idea.

.Hack Link book03 page08.
But it ends well for both I guess make me wonder what there going to do tougher.

.Hack Link book03 page09.
Saika amazing powers! lol

So yeah this is a little bit of scans from vol.03 so yeah I want the English version so I CAN understand what Azure Kite and Haseo are talking about beside poor Tsukasa so yeah enjoy now!.
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