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Post Review of .Hack//Link EN version.


Yeah I did buy the book of .Hack//Link Vol.1 English version my review of it is well Tokio Could of Been more hero like then becoming Saika Slave in the end...>_> but anyhow this relates to The
Game play PSP wise almost like the ending could of hit to Kite who almost hallow like V.S. Tokio Who finally get his X-form in the ending I almost forgot how much Kite could complain about life JK Read the book then look at the game play it dose hit to it a little bit but the huge Difference IS like in the book Haseo joins Tri-Edge A.K.A. Azure Kite the real one NOT Title 'Azure Flame Kite' a.k.a. Kite in Vol.3 and IN game play they was never friends never less Aura Making it NOW Azure Kite Tri-Edge to protect Tokio and 'Azure Flame Kite' trying to be friends With Haseo that one of the Cut scenes I've never got since I've stop playing the game >_>;;
Yeah Azure Orca and Azure Balmung are not playable with Tokio party so yeah there IS a huge Difference Between the book AND the Game play so don't get them confused like

Book- Haseo Remembers His Memories.
Game- Haseo so weak AIDA takes over him.
Book- Azure Kite joins Haseo.
Game- Azure Kite upset at Tokio who made Aura vanish.

Yeah that about my little info about Vol.1 .Hack//Link English version sorry if you don't like it.

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