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.Hack//Quantum Trailer01.


First trailer I wonder if Haseo well be in it now we know for sure this Kite look alike IS a Girl
So fair I counted
Aina, Atoli, Alakid, Kuhn, Yata/0:55, Natsume, Piros3rd, IYOTEN, Asta, Tabby, Pai/1:16

I'm not too Sure making the next Kite look alike into a girl is such a good Idea who knows maybe it's BlackRose and Kite real child >_> hopefully that not the case and some people ARE now saying That Sakuya and Sora (Female version in link) are the sane person and they was saying that WAS Haseo Child *Cough* I doubt it until someone gives me real proof on this subject I'm going with my Own Theories well at lest there WELL be Yuri now lol Since this IS supposed to take AFTER The Events Of .Hack//Link anything could happen But BlackRose and Kite might appear at the ending of the Anime somehow even if it a small part But I mostly bet if She was a child to anyone she would Be somehow related to Kite and BlackRose not Haseo IF she not by some odd chance then....I'll make a Fic ware she is the child of Haseo and Kite hahahahaha! *Cough* Man I love fan Fiction
But right now I AM working on a fic that has Sakuya, Mary and Tobias in it and no it not what I Was talking about before But I'm unsure win this Anime takes place after link how long ago?
Well I guess it don't really matter since Tokio did rewrite history though time and massed up Everyone history and left with Saika in the end >_> some ending...they should bring Tokio and Saika in this anime it would be so cool but they would have no reason on showing up at all
*Sigh* I wonder if Aura really did make them or did Aina have something to do with it?
I got a felling Aina plays a bigger role this time around or maybe it me or something...
Well enjoy the trailer now I know it looks alright but if there going to make this Anime they At lest should have more then 15eps in them like 20 would be good.
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