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Disgaea 4 opening maybe.

Hello this is the new Disgaea 4 opening maybe but it sure explains a lot of drama kind of...

So fair there hinting to Val and Volcano Angel and Vampire I was hoping that he was with Fuuka That Would be Different and from the video she gives her life for Val reminds me of Disgaea 1 Almost so it looks like more shade Business with Heaven maybe it has to with that seal that Val Undid that related to his powers? as for Flonne if that her she become more like a Goddess but Really he eats Fish? O_O I never heard of a Vampire who eats expect Romance between Val and Volcano I just hope the angels are not Gender blend lol man this gives away too much but I like this opening and song so yeah enjoy now!

>>Update 2/27/11 found new Video since the old one no longer plays.
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