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Tales of the World Radiant Mythology 3 OP.


So yeah I'm kind of happy they got the Embed back up but kind of sad 4share has banned my Account Now I've just need to find a new place to send music...oh yeah here you go another game that I'm Getting (Hopefully) CDJapan well get my money order...

Yup I've got RM2 Half way never Finished RM1 since it way too harder then the RM2 yes I'm that Bad at it lol love there songs but RM2 Story is so drama like I'm not too sure about RM3
I wish RM2 and RM3 would come over here but it would be lots of voice actors I know...but I did Find RM2 Music and no place to share it man that sucks...sorry about that I'm upset about that...
so yeah enjoy now!.

EDIT NOV-3-11 Wrong opening music BUT it works so yeah RM3 OP has been updated
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