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.Hack//Fragment oh Joy.

Yes I've got my safe an copy of .Hack//Frgament the Japnese ver. well the R2 is usless once agin to move around btw I also got my Japanese PS2 and I'm ready for .Hack//G.U. the Japanese ver. yes I'm going to get it even if I do have a tiny bit trouble with Japanese. but other wise Fragment is a good game it let you make diffrent people to play the store line is serious one even if .Hack//Dusk is mixed up in this one *sighs* since Shugo and Rean are there and no sign of Kite nor BlackRose yet but I did meet Balmung, Subaru, Silver Knight, Sora and Elk...and Mia who teach me how to DD. but I think they are looking for her. altough they keep talking about PC's...and you can Data Drain! you go to the same Area that Orca taken Kite. win they do talk to you I think they might hit at the A.I.D.A. thing and why you are not normal or something like that... but this time you go with Bear and BT...who show you the ropes. but yeah having an time with the Items and weapons are okay but dame it REALLY hard to levle up I mean I go to the Lv.1 are and all I get is 7-3 points each...and I go to an 19 area levle and nearly die and get 50 pionts each that really sucks it taken me forever to reach levle 2...and then Subaru wants me to go to an Lv.27 area or something like that over at O sever...something up with this game it an bit harder then I thought it would be but it really fun to play. hopefully .Hack//G.U. well not be like this takeing forever to levle up but you have no Bracalet and you can Data Drain...I find that a bit uneasy in the book it shows Kite, BlackRose and Mistral I know so becuse of there picturs in the team like thing if you make an new player you can make an Kite look a like but his picture well not be the same...but any .Hack//Fragment is a good game now all we have to do is wait for the US one to come out.
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