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[圧倒的遊戯ムゲンソウルズ] [Infinite Souls] PV.


This is not made by Nis but a lot of people think it is but it not the only thing that brings it to Disgaea is the art and the story line so this is going to be Disgaea rival I think
"No its Published By Nis Disgaea Artist who make those character that why you think its from Nis"~ Quote

I like the music but it well never replace Disgaea in my heart not unless Nis merges with Compile Heart's and Idea Factory I don't think that well happen anytime soon but a lot of people Are comparing it to Disgaea don't mind me I'm a little upset about it -_-
Tags: infinite souls, 圧倒的遊戯ムゲンソウルズ

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