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.hack//T.E. Reveals Details of .hack//The Movie!

At the recent .hack//Talk Event (via, series director Hiroshi Matsuyama explained much of how the new movie will fit into the existing .hack universe. In the not-so-distant-future, everything is digital, from your home to the paper you read.

Released on March 21, 2024, THE WORLD FORCE:ERA returns The World to its original setting of the poem The Epitaph of Twilight as a free-to-play VRMMO for ALTIMIT ABSOLUTE OS. The game is played on a smartphone, and can be used with with a wireless controller and FMD sold by ALGOS Corporation, a large PC manufacturer that was bought by ALTIMIT Corporation.

From your phone, you can control a Server Robo, a helper with various functions for controlling your PC and home electronics. The main character, Sora, has a Sever Robo named Makoto-san, a 2021 model. Her dad works at ALGOS and acquired it internally.

Sophia System Security is an antivirus product sold online by ALGOS, marketed widely throughout the movie. The Sophia seen in Quantum is a first generation version, in the movie we see a second generation with commander and mass-produced versions, designed to work as a team to eliminate a virus in tandem.

Hermit's black branch and the digital prison seen in .hack//Quantum are technologies developed by PFW, the research institute originally created as the "official" side of Schicksal. The 2022-type data bugs seen in the trailer may have been created by objects with similar properties to the branch. The serious businessman from the previous teasers is David Steinberg, an NAB agent connected to the former CC Corp. head Genius, investigating the strange happenings in FORCE:ERA with help from Eleanor, another agent supporting him from Washington D.C. Matsuyama says that he will be an "extremely important" character in the .hack universe.

"Big news" is expected in this week's Famitsu (don't let the "12/22" fool you). The movie opens in Japan on the 21st of next month!


I did not get this info you can get it here


Big news I say so there coming out with a online game!? for the phone it looks like not PC but maybe if it sells good maybe we'll get a good game better then Fragment dame it better have Haseo and Kite in it no Shugo please but yeah I can deal with Sakuya in it so yeah do buy the Movie win it comes out it well bring you hope for .Hack fans I am one of them I might import the Movie and the game if they make one so yeah People in Japan well be lucky enough to see it so yeah this is getting me excited and happy at the same time it a about time they make some move but yeah this is some good info right? you decide what it means to you

So yeah this is one update I had to let you guys/girls know so yeah spread the news see ya
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