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.Hack//G.U. Final Boss Song.

Hello agin.

Yes this update is about the Song witch I liked it just happned to be the final boss song witch Haseo fights Tri-Edge at the end...but I do not have the game yet I'll get it Monday or Tuseday some ware around there I pick up this pice at witch someone already beat the game and ect. but win I do get the Japanese verson I do hope this song is right. but I like the Japanese one I hope they stick with the Jap verson anyone remeber KH2 song that turn into English...? *Cough* I like it bitter in Japanese you know what I mean...but all we need now is the game and I'll know the whole story but I do have the game yet I wish I hade it now but I can wait. but I'll buy the US verson this fall also I'll have the money to do it but hear you go.

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