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Update hack Versus

Some pic has arrived that have been added so far

Kite?, I'm not too sure but it looks like him
Now this one is been bugging me it's a pic of Kite noticed HE has his wave marks and Sora don't This pic HAS not been confirm to be real or not

Ovan, Ovan has been added
Ovan has been added with his AIDA arm so except epic battle with him again *Cough*

Tsukasa, Tsukasa has been added
Tsukasa has been added except a battle with him and his guardian

Sakuya, Sakuya has been added
Sakauya has been added except the real girly battle with her lol JK she is more girly than Sora is O_O

I like them more added to the game except the fact WE don't know if Kite is confirmed or not if not someone did a hell of a job making that pic look real so far Ovan, Sakauya and Tsukasa has been added we need the rest of the Infinity Eight and yeah we need BlackRose or Mary or even Mimiru so yes here is the info of this source


So what do you think of this update? yes it needs more info for it this helps me with the fic I'm doing right now so watch out for that

BTW I did get the Pre-Order in yes I have order the bundle so I'll get that Imported from Japan 2-3 days after it's released I wish there was a faster method on shipping but the place I'm ordering it from they don't have it beside it the first place I've saw that is putting it up for Pre Order so I'm all set and ready to go the question is are you?

Beside that I'm all excited for this game
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