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.Hack//G.U. Game.

Well Hello eveone.

I've been playing .Hack//G.U. for and couple of days now and I Finaly Beat Endrance/Maha. shoot Maha is more easy then Magus but it sure and rush fighting with Skeith and now I Have to beat Tri-Edge/Azural Flame God. to get the ending but I'm trying to avoid doing so becuse I don't want to beat the game yet but the most thing that been on my mind what is with the dark copies of Haseo that you run into win you're alone on some radom filed it annoying since I read some people at fought him and won but I did hear that Dark Haseo also match you're stats at what levle you're at since I'm Maxed out levle. 50 I try avoid going alone I have some Theory that Dark Copies was made by Anna or
Tri-Edge or Ovan (Becuse of what Ovan tells Atoli to go to that area and prove Haseo her power...) but for what reason to beat Haseo and take control over his body?...who knows but all I know .Hack//G.U. is fun to play so I got as fair as Tri-Edge I can beat him in a normal battle it just the battle with Azural Flame God .VS. Skeith Battle I have not done yet I don't want to end it yet but some day (May be soon) I well fight him but that all for now.

Btw I think Endrnace is Elk...I'm not sure but after you beat him he says "Mi-a" in the way Elk would say it...or I can be hearing things...


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