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Video update again Update June-16-12!

Hello here is another update

New video show everyone in action!

Sora your definitely a uke but she IS a girl but she using Kite avatar so...*cough* just not around Haseo alright? lol JK

So Haseo can change his job class just by thinking of it now? so why wasn't that in GU?
Haseo still girly even fighting Sora who is a girl oh geez I want to see Haseo fight Sakuya now

Kite, Kite has been added
Kite has been added

BlackRose, Has been added
BlackRose has been added

Tokio is 9, Tokio has been added and older and he is 9 now that you look at it he reminds me of Tekken Hwoarang >_> Maybe it's me..
Tokio is older and he is 9 other wise he looks a lot like Tekken Hwoarang I guess he not the Uke no more lol

Kite skill, Kite's skill
Kite skill

Kite VS Ovan, Data Drain
Kite VS Ovan epic Data Drain

Blackrose VS Tsukasa
BlackRose VS Tsukasa

Tokio VS Sora?, I think it's Sora I'm not too sure
Tokio now uses fist and I think he's fighting Sora

Kite and customization, customization Empty skys/Twin fang of the abyss
This give you the Idea that customization is added to the game

So what do you think I wanted more added maybe hopefully DLC like the rest of the Infinity eight beside Haseo but I'm happy we did get BlackRose and Kite and Tokio so yes I've told you I did order it I just had to wait for more info before I do anything else

Side note- My community is not Dead I'm waiting for more info and this just added to it yes I'm doing another fan fiction don't worry I just need some proof but otherwise this looks good

on topic- yes I'm going to like this game so what do you think of it?

Update Edit- June-16-12
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