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.Hack Versus OST!


Guess what come in today!? my .Hack Versus OST that's what I'm not doing all the tracks some of them sound too cutesy for my taste I guess I got use to .Hack darker songs

Song- ヒトヒラ 三谷朋世 I love this song

Song- 伝説の蒼炎

Song- 戦慄の影

Song- 晴天桜花 三谷朋世 too cute for my taste

Win I dl from the CD almost all of them was titled '???' I tried to change it but it won't let me so they are kind of stuck like that >_> I'll scan the CD win I get the PS3 Game I was shocked it come in this after noon now if only my Game would come that fast so yeah enjoy now!

I see what's on disk 2 yeah I did buy the Limited Edition it come with more wall paper and if you look in the info of the cover it has few pics I will scan it the wall paper is on the 2nd disk so this is off MY OST I own I did not steal it so please listen to them thank you
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